Health Services

To ensure positive health outcomes for the clients of Terrebonne ARC, the nursing staff provides daily medication administration, and ongoing health assessments.  Due to client intellectual impairments, our nurses evaluate and determine whether further medical intervention and/or treatment is necessary for illness or injury on campus.  First aid is provided as needed for minor injuries which occur in the work environment.  The nursing staff also assists clients in doctor-patient communication, provides helpful health history, ensures timely screenings, and follows medical treatment plans.  The nurses also ensure that client’s receive the proper medical, psychiatric, vision, dental and podiatry care necessary.

Aside from client health concerns, the nursing staff at Terrebonne ARC is certified by American Red Cross to teach Basic CPR and first aid to employees during their orientation phase.  Other education provided to the employees of TARC by the nursing staff include recognizing signs and symptoms of illness/injury, care of the client with seizures, universal precautions and infection control, and proper lifting.

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