Supervised Independent Living (SIL)

For individuals who have obtained basic self-help skills but still require varying degrees of assistance with living independently, there is the Supported Independent Living (SIL) program. The SIL department supports eight females and nine males who live alone or with a roommate, by choice, in various integrated locations within Terrebonne Parish.

Residential Support

SIL is not intended to be a 24-hour support, rather the goal is to help an individual take control of their life and be the central role in choosing the care and supports that they desire. The Residential Services department has four SIL Specialists that assist the individuals with budgeting and paying bills, planning vacations, and accompanying the individual to doctor appointments. TARC currently provides over 30 PCA’s (Personal Care Attendants) that support the individuals in their living situation, which includes providing transportation to stores for groceries and clothes as well as to the movies or wherever they need to go. PCA’s also help with household duties such as cooking and cleaning, basic hygiene, laundry, and other daily living activities.

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