Admissions FAQ

Admissions Questions

Will I lose my “check” and benefits if I work at TARC?
You will possibly make enough money to have an SSI check affected. You must report to the Social Security Office how much you make on your paycheck. They will ignore $65 or $85 that you make, and then for every $2 you make at TARC, they will take $1 off of your SSI check.

How much money will I make?
It depends on the area where a person works if they earn money by the hour or by the amount of items they package. People have a time study every 6 months to test their skill and how well they work. The time study tells us how much to pay someone based on a percentage of the minimum wage; some people can earn minimum wage.

When do I get paid?
You will get paid by check every two weeks.

Who will pick me up? When will I get picked up?
You may ride with TARC transportation to and from TARC. The time people are picked up varies. People may use public transit, drive their own cars or have someone else transport them.

Can I try a different job?
When an area has a job opening, people are notified so they may apply.

What do I have to wear?
You wear what is required by the job. Some areas require steel-toe boots, some have uniforms, and some only require the crew’s tee shirt worn with any type of pants.

When can I start?
Starting a job at TARC depends on the completion of all required paperwork, approval of the Admission Committee and the approval of your funding source such at the NOW or Supports Waivers.

Can I bring my lunch?
Absolutely. TARC has a cafeteria that prepares nutritious plate lunches daily for only $4. Some people choose to bring lunch from home and use the refrigerators and/or microwaves in their work area.

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